Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy sets out in detail the types of personal data we may collect from you when you are buying a product or service from us or requesting literature or information about our products or services.

Who are we?
We are FOF Events Ltd and we are the promoter of the Fearless Flyer Course which we run in conjunction with easyJet Airline Company Ltd (“easyJet”).  Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in relation to your data, we are deemed the “Data Controller” which gives us certain responsibilities in the processing of your data.

What data do we need?
The information we require from you is quite basic and we only gather it so we can either communicate with you, or deliver the product you have requested.

For example, in order to process your booking onto one of our courses or to send you information regarding our courses and services or to return your telephone call or email you if you contact us, we need to collect and store certain information about you. This may include your name, email address, telephone number, postal address and other miscellaneous information you may need to share with us.  For instance, if you are buying one of our products or requesting further information, we will need to know who you are, your email address and your phone number so we can communicate with you. We will also need your address and payment details to process the payment and possibly send you something if the product includes an item that requires mailing to you (like one of our English language MP3 players for example).

Sensitive personal data
In addition, we may, for certain products, e.g. a live course in the UK, ask you some additional questions including any health issues so that we can help your experience be a comfortable one or you may advise us of this without any request from us. In either instance, by providing any sensitive personal data you are explicitly agreeing that we may collect and use it in order to provide our services and in accordance with this Privacy Policy

But we will only ever ask you for personal information that we actually require to deliver the product (or any associated product that we believe would be directly relevant to you) or any service you have requested from us. If you do not allow us to process the data we require or any sensitive personal data, this may mean we are unable to provide all or parts of the services you have requested from us. Please be aware that in such circumstances you will not be entitled to cancel or obtain a refund of any price you have paid.

Sharing your data
We will only share your data with organisations that are also involved, directly or indirectly, in helping us to deliver those products or services to you. This would include, for example, our database provider (for storing your data), our merchant services provider (for taking payment), our email and online storage providers (where emails and documents containing some of your data may be securely held), easyJet, Airport Handling Agents and the Airports themselves (plus any statutory body who may legally demand the information we hold). But we will only provide any third party with the parts of your data that they require to deliver their part of the service or product included within the product or service being provided by us.

Security of your data
We know how much data security matters to our customers and will always treat your data with the utmost care and take suitable measures to protect it including appropriate security to all transactional areas of our websites and databases and we regularly review our systems to ensure we are processing your data securely.

When is your personal data collected by us?
Very simply when you either buy a product from us or when you request further information and we will only ever hold information that you provide. We do not source any data about you from any third party unless you have asked them for your data to be specifically passed to us. For example, you might contact easyJet directly about our Fear of Flying course and they may pass on your details so we can contact you

How long will we retain your data
Firstly, you can unsubscribe from any of our emails at any time by either clicking on the “unsubscribe” link or responding to any of our emails with “unsubscribe” as your response. HOWEVER, if you do this prior to buying one of our products or before your benefit of that product has expired, we will be unable to communicate with you about the product you have purchased, which will stop us from sending you very important information about the product itself (For instance to remind you of your log in details if you forget them). 

So in the event  that we receive an “unsubscribe” request from you and you have purchased a product that is yet to be utilised, we may contact you to clarify if you do want us to stop communicating with you (as we believe this will likely have been an unsubscribe click made in error). But if you do confirm this was intentional, we shall of course respect your request however this may mean we are unable to inform you of all or parts of the products or services you have requested from us. Please be aware that in such circumstances where we are unable to communicate with you regarding your purchase, you will not be entitled to cancel or obtain a refund of any price you have paid in the event that such lack of notice, due to the inability to communicate with you, affects your ability to use or enjoy the service you have purchased. In other words, if we can’t tell you things you need to know about the service because you don’t want us to, then we can’t be held responsible if this affects your ability to use the service. 

At the completion of the process of the product (e.g. once you have taken a course), we do like to keep in touch with you by email from time to time to advise you of our subsequent products that we feel would benefit you. If you unsubscribe, we will not do this.

Web Marketing and Tracking technologies
In order to improve our services and maximise our marketing, we may use technologies, such as, pixels or tracking software. For example, we use software to monitor customer traffic patterns and website usage to help us develop the design and layout of the website in order to enhance the experience of the visitors to our website. This software does not enable us to collect any personal data. In addition, in order to understand how our customers interact with our marketing, our emails and the content that we send, we use pixels that allow us to know if the emails we send are opened or if specific adverts generate sales. Again, this does not enable us to obtain any personal data but is simply a tool to assess the effectiveness of our marketing for statistical purposes.

Please note when any visitor comes to our site, third parties (such as AdRoll) may place cookies on their browsers for targeted advertising purposes. Here is a link to AdRoll’s Privacy Policy.

What personal data will you retain and can I ask for it to be amended or deleted
As a minimum, we will keep a record of your name and your email address so that you can benefit from any discount you may be entitled to as a past customer. However, unless we have a legitimate reason to object, we will delete all data, including your name and email address should you ever ask us to do this. If any of your data is incorrect, we will naturally amend it if you bring this to our attention. Please email or write to us at our registered office: 19 Diamond Court, Opal Drive, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DU should you wish to do this.

Requesting access to your personal data
You have a right to request access to the personal data we hold about you. If you would like to request a copy of your personal data or if you have any questions about this policy please contact us at or write to us at our Registered Office: 19 Diamond Court, Opal Drive, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DU.