4 Most Common Causes of Flying Phobia


Does the idea of boarding a plane send shivers up your spine?

The fear of flying is one of the most common concerns that can stir up an extreme sense of terror and nervousness among flyers.

This extreme anxiety often puts many nervous flyers off from booking air tickets and cancel their traveling plans altogether. 

However, have you ever thought about the root causes that contribute to flying anxiety?

The most common causes of fear of flying are: 

  1. Claustrophobia

Do you often get anxious when you’re in a closed space, like an elevator?

Most probably, you have claustrophobia. Claustrophobic people often experience a fear of flying.

For instance, you happily boarded the plane, settled, and buckled up your seat.

But as soon as you notice that the cabin door is about to close, you start sweating and feel your heart beating faster than usual.  These symptoms may or may not last long but addressing such deep-seated fears is a must for you to enjoy air travel. 

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  1. Bad flying experience

A scary flying experience often leaves a deep impact on the passengers. Some may conquer the fear while others may swear not to board a flight ever again. 

For instance, you are enjoying your flight and suddenly the pilot makes an announcement about forthcoming turbulence and asks everyone to fasten their seat belts.

Simply hearing this may cause your stomach to flip and you may end up feeling traumatized. 

So, if you often get flashbacks of these memories, it might put you off flying all together!

  1.  Fear of heights

People having fear of heights might become uneasy with the idea of a plane ascending at many miles above the ground.

In fact, people with acrophobia avoid visiting or standing at places that are far above the ground. 

For instance, they may even avoid standing over bridges or on a high floor of a building as this can bring on dizziness or can cause vertigo.


The severity of these anxieties can be very high in some people.  So, the solution is to educate yourself about flying and aviation in general.

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In the end…

In most cases, the flying phobia is the outcome of these symptoms.

Conquering any fear takes a lot of patience and courage. If you understand the root cause of your fear and you will be able to overcome it.

Live the life you deserve.